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I started this blog because of my intrest in Poker ... but then I realised I could also use it to show off some of my photos and even add more pages when i find something else im interested in..
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Search engine

Well had a few hits on my new photo blog from search engines I also had my first hit from yahoo search engine so I know my blog is being indexed by them.  But still its all fairly confusing why for example dose a post I do show up in a search and others that I do dont show up.  I will just have to keep working at it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Activating my RSS Ad sense feed

Sorted out my RSS feeds to-night.  I had advertisements placed in the feeds a while back but i couldn't figure out how to get the updated feed chicklet onto my blog page, I finally figured it out ...... I went into my ad sense account and clicked on the rss profile and and then on create chicklet option.  This new chicklet is now on my blog page.   If you click on it you will now see my posts and advertisements along with them.  

Monday, March 30, 2009

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools, I have found these to be very useful, giving me a better understanding on how my blog pages get seen by others through the use of search engines.

I am shown what phrases or words people type in that bring up my blog pages in the search engine, which is giving me a better understanding of how important titles on posts are.
Also through the use of Google  Webmaster tools I discovered that the Title  labels on my photo page blog were not effective. And I would get better results if I changed them. 

 Also I discovered even the names of the picture files help greatly in getting good results in the search engines.  For instance I take a lot of pictures but I don't name them, E.G picture is called 2456.jpg (picture of a swan) and i upload this to my blog and then I might give the blog post the title "Taken on holiday"  and when someone types in a search engine "swan" my page wont show up as it doesn't have any reference to the word swan. 

 So from now on the picture file name will be changed before it is uploaded from 2456.jpg to something more relevant like "swan in flight.jpg" and the title of my blog posts will reflect the picture too E.G Swan in flight taken on holiday.

P.S I started a new photo blog on another blog page and I will label these properly and see if I get better results,  and maybe in a couple of months I will be able to tell if it makes a big difference.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blog Template

Blog Template edited.
After going and getting new templates for another blog I have I decided to see if I could edit the html code on templates I already use ....... so i taught myself a bit of html code and css code over the last couple of days.  I then put what I learned to use on the page that I have my privacy policy on, and changed it from a two column template to a four column template ............ check it out at http://privacypolicy-myblogs.blogspot.com 

Next I hope to change all the  colour schemes and borders and totally change how it looks.  And maybe then start creating new template layouts.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog Navigation bar

Nice one just sorted out the problem with the navigation bar not showing on the new template.  If you are also having this problem with templates from websites that make them maybe this might work for you too.

go into layout, edit html and scroll down until you come to navigation bar ..... then delete the lines 

visibility: hidden; 
display: none;
then hit save and hopefully you are sorted.
It worked on a new blog im setting up

Blog Templates

Being searching the web for blog templates hoping to find a better one than the one i use on this blog, found a few sites that do lovely templates but getting them to work has been tough but I did find one I really like and I'm testing it out on a new blog page its going well and makes the blog look more professional.  But there is a couple of problems to sort out ....... like the navigation bar above the blog for signing in and out and getting access to the dashboard is gone when I use it.  Luckily I'm testing in on a second page of a blog so I can still access the blog page through the dashboard of the main blog page.  

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Added video players

Well finally added a couple of video units to my blog pages, i thought these might make the pages more interesting.
Especially the one on the poker page, now you can watch some poker when you visit ...... I'm not sure what the one on this page is going to show.
If you find them good ....... or bad maybe you would let me know by leaving a comment under this or another post.

Blogging on Google

Google..... This so far has been the easiest site to set up a blog page on so maby this is where you should start.
It has a good selection of templates , which are also easy to change .
A big plus for google blog is google analytics ...... with this you can check and see about traffic coming to youre blog , what pages they are visiting on youre blog ( if you have more than one page ) what if anything they are clicking on, e.g are they clicking on the link to youre web site .
One negative is I dont have access to a spell checker when im writing text like this .................it is available when you are typing a post for youre blog.
Setting up links is easy , so you should have no problem linking to youre website , or to anywhere else.
You also have the option of sharing a blog ........... which means you and a friend can work to gether on the blog , or you can give some one who understands certain things like setting up google analytics , rss feeds access to youre blog and get them to do that and then remove there access when they have it set up for you ......... quite handy that.
And more on google blog later.

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